Eat seasonally
and locally


The Head Chefs of Le Botaniste and Le Petit Jardin


Monsieur Vandaële, La Chenevière's Head Gardener

The secret behind Le Petit Jardin’s tasteful menu...

“We try to only use produce from our vegetable garden. If that’s not possible, we’ll stick to seasonal Norman ingredients as much as possible but in any case, everything we serve will always be French.” That’s our secret!

Hugo Genty, the restaurant’s Head Chef, is truly passionate about vegetables – something he shares with his mentor, Didier Robin, Head Chef at la Chenevière’s fine-dining restaurant Le Botaniste.
Both Chefs have chosen a sustainable approach to agriculture by only cooking with seasonal produce from local farmers. The wine list follows the same approach and showcases a selection of organic and biodynamic wines.

“Small, local farmers are incredibly passionate about what they do. I feel the exact same way about my work in the kitchen”, explains Hugo Genty.

When fruits and vegetables aren’t supplied by local farmers, they come directly from la Chenevière’s vegetable garden! Monsieur Vandaële, Head Gardener, doesn’t use any pesticides and fertilisers. He is also currently working on a bigger garden which will entirely grow through permaculture. Once this project is up and running, the new vegetable garden will be able to entirely supply both restaurants: Le Petit Jardin and Le Botaniste. Fresh, local and environmental-friendly ingredients is the secret behind Le Petit Jardin’s recipes!

More information on Château la Chenevière's environmental policy here.