Meet Hugo,
Head Chef at
Le Petit Jardin


3 questions for...
Hugo Genty, Head Chef at Le Petit Jardin

From la Chenevière to le Petit Jardin, please describe your background?

I started my career in 2013 at la Chenevière. I was commis chef at the time and was assigned to roasting, grilling and searing meats at Le Botaniste, the hotel’s gastronomic restaurant. I learned so much from Head Chef Didier Robin and was given the opportunity to progress within the team, until I was appointed Head Chef at le Petit Jardin, a different restaurant within the same establishment. I feel incredibly grateful.


How would you describe le Petit Jardin’s first menu?

I believe that it truly reflects the person that I am. My culinary beliefs and my love for all vegetables and seasonal produce are all very present in this menu. So are my childhood memories of my family’s vegetable garden, as well as my time spent at Le Botaniste. Didier Robin encouraged me during the making of this menu. I was able to truly express myself and my tastes, in a unique and creative way.


Who is le Petit Jardin’s clientele?

My goal is to offer affordable dishes that are both refined and full of flavour to my customers. le Petit Jardin has something for everyone, whether it be families, friends or colleagues. I look forward to welcoming them and truly hope that they’ll love this restaurant as much as I do.