Sunday Lunch

Barbecue every sunday lunch

Barbecue Sunday Lunch

- Starters 12€ -

Cod gravlax, grapefruit, radish, cottage cheese, seaweed salad, coriander oil

Roasted beetroots, goat’s cheese, tarragon, salad and pecan nuts

Cold broccoli soup, coconut cream with tandoori spices

- Barbecue Main Courses 21€ -

Cidered beef chuck roll marinated in garlic and marjoram oil

Sea bass fillet, lemon juice and sage from the garden

Pork belly glazed in honey and rosemary

Grilled courgette, cottage goat’s cheese, dill, pecan nuts and roasted sunflower seeds

All our main courses are served with a bowl of homemade fries and a vegetable cocotte to share

Extra bowl of home-made fries with the sauce of the day     (4€/6€)

- Trou Normand -

Homemade apple sorbet with Calvados 6 years from les vergers de Ducy

- Cheese -

Camembert baked in farmed cider, cooked apples, green salad

- Desserts 9€-

Rhubarb, diplomate cream, dacquoise biscuite, shiso

White chocolate ganache with pink peppercorn, Port marinated prunes, streusel

Guillaume’s strawberries, thyme meringues, cottage cow’s cheese with mint, strawberry sorbet

Coffee served with a selection of small desserts 12€

Kid-sized portions of all dishes are also available with a -50% discount
for children under 12 years old.

Net prices, includes service and VAT