Le Petit Jardin: a warm and friendly restaurant

Le Petit Jardin started off as something simple: three tables only and a barbecue next to the swimming pool.

In 2015, the Dicker family decided to open a second, more relaxed restaurant, which they hoped would appeal to everyone. Their wish was to create a convivial space which would attract locals and make them want to visit the chateau.

This started off as a nameless, al-fresco only, pop-up restaurant, which was only open for lunch in the summer. The restaurant only included a few tables and its menu featured grilled protein and seasonal vegetables. The atmosphere was relaxed and bucolic.

With time, this little garden hideaway began to be known by locals who started referring to it as Petit Jardin.

Due to Normandy’s uncertain climate, a few tables were set indoors in the hotel’s old conservatory.

In 2018, the Dicker family decided to expand the restaurant and give it a real identity. They got together to discuss the decoration and concept of the restaurant, and – while as it’s often the case during family reunions, they didn’t agree on everything – there were no objections when Thomas Dicker stated, “no music on the terrace, we need to be able to hear the birds sing”.

The works soon began and a real kitchen was installed, as well as a second conservatory with a bar.  Since half of the Dicker family lives in London, they were inspired by British interiors and the restaurant was decorated with a British touch.

“Le Petit Jardin” officially opened in spring 2019 and has welcomed friends and families ever since.