Meet François,
Head Chef at
Le Petit Jardin


"I am passionate about vegetables.

I always try to highlight them and make them the key ingredient in my dishes. Out of respect for the produce and for the environment, I never throw anything away. I use the peelings and scarps in my broths. I infuse oils with stems and when I poach fruit, I keep the syrup to make sorbets.

I like my dishes to be fresh, but I also enjoy fermenting produce and adding some acidity, for that element of surprise.

I was immediately drawn to la Chenevière’s permaculture garden and loved the idea of working side by side with its market gardener Pierre Vandaële.

My goal isn’t to start from scratch at Le Petit Jardin but to follow in the previous Chef Hugo Genty’s footstep, all the while adding my own personal touch.

Just like Hugo and Didier Robin, who are the Chefs at Le Botaniste, I like to work with local suppliers. The short food supply chain and Zero Waste are philosophies that I learned whilst working in Montreal, at restaurants like O’Thym.

I am originally from Bayeux and I’m happy to be back and to rediscover this region and its incredible seafood that we are lucky to have and that I hope to honour on my menu."